Maschine 2.15.2 audio engine stops and hangs controller and software

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recently updated to 2.15.2 from 2.14.something and the audio simply doesn't work on the laptop.. its a 2019 dell xps15 with an i7 so its not the laptop.

absolutely no changes to a working system other than this update.. I use the laptop on the go and on the boat just with headphones, and with a variety of audio interfaces at home/studio.

can someone provide a link so that i can rollback the software to 2.14 please?




  • Mystic38
    Mystic38 Member Posts: 11 Member

    The issue is associated with the audio engine of Maschine.. Kontakt works fine, Live 10 works fine, including Maschine 2 as VST and Pigments standalone works fine as does all windows audio.

    Maschine (standalone) will not allow for selecting the realtek card via asio (as Kontakt does) and will also not enable the HD audio (headphones via USB-C) in wasapi shared (or exclusive).. this audio stream worked fine previously for casual use.

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