Komplete Kontrol and M1 Macbook Pro

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I have installed Komplete Kontrol on my MBP with Native Access and downloaded a few of the instruments (Noire, The Grandeur, MassiveX, Vintage Organs) to see if it works.

I have run Logic Pro in Rosetta and plugged in Komplete Kontrol and it opens but the only instrument it plays is MassiveX, with the others it says "Could not load plug in" (and yes Logic is definitely using Rosetta).

The exact same happens if I run Komplete Kontrol standalone.

My question is has anyone got this working? I don't know whether to troubleshoot it or just give up and wait for NI to catch up.


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Did you install Kontakt ? It's needed to load Kontakt libraries in Komplete Kontrol. Same goes for Reaktor synths. Maybe this will help you: What kind of Products are included in the KOMPLETE 13 Bundles?

  • Cloud-Game
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    No I didn't instal Kontakt. I have now and it works fine :-) thank you for the speedy solution

  • Kong
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    Oh thank god, I found this thread. Thank you so much I was really struggling and this is such an easy fix. Please try to show this prominently during Reaktor/Kontrol setup...

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