Is Traktor Pro 3 v. 3.2.0 compatible with Mac OS Monterey?

Wolfgang Sauerbraten
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I haven't upgraded to Monterey, because I was waiting for confirmation of compatibility with Traktor. Now I believe the latest version of Traktor IS compatible with Monterey. My question is: can I upgrade to Monterey and still use Traktor 3.2.0? And if not, how much, if anything, does the upgrade from Traktor 3.2.0 to 3.5.2 cost?

Thanks! - Stork in Münster, Germany


  • Monochrome
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    Only 3.5.2 is compatible with Monterey:

    Updating from 3.2.0 to 3.5.2 shouldn't cost you anything.

  • nomaad
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    I upgraded to 3.5.3 today after upgrading to Monterey and its basically a catastrophe.

    My tracks will only half load, unplayable, no track info in decks, all cue points are stacked on top of one another at the beginning of the track. years of work, seemingly lost.

  • Wolfgang Sauerbraten
    Wolfgang Sauerbraten Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Wow. Thanks for the tip, nomaad - glad I've held off til now. This sucks - I really need to upgrade my OS and I REALL NEED Traktor to be ready when I upgrade it. My original question was - will Monterey run Traktor 3.2? I never got a definitive answer. If it does run 3.2, I could upgrade my OS without updating Traktor. Hey there NI people - any help here on what happened to Nomaad? This is pretty disturbing. Any other kind users out there wanna chime in on this?

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    Working solely with Traktor sincee the beginning of my dj career and I have to say that there is an interval cycle of incompatibility between OS and NI updates. You must store all saved user content and music library is best advice. Please understand how to copy save and store your user and media files from Traktor onto an external hard drive because you might also be given an opportunity in the future to dj but know that if the club already utilizes their own laptop and softwear all you must carry by then is the thumbdrive/ hard drive with all your tags, cues. knowing this early on is best. there is a great tutorial video from NI about how to store and save your Traktor user

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