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When I first bought Komplete Ultimat I went the easy way and installed just everything that came with the product. After months of work, I have decided what do I need to keep and what I'd like to uninstall to save disk space since I'm running out of it.

I have a question regarding the expansions. Many of the, or all of them include synth presets, which I supposed aren't big in size. They also include samples and loops, e.g. wav files, which without doubt take a lot of space.

I want to get rid of loops and samples and keep just synth presets. Is it safe to just delete the "Samples" folder inside each expansion? Since the installation process won't let me install selectively anyway. My main doubt would be if any of such samples might be used for the synth, but since these synths are not sample based, I'd guess it is safe to do it?

I really appreciate any input you can provide.


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    Just manually uninstall the things you don't need with My PC, not with Native Access (if you use Windows).

    Hope it helps.

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