Reaktor 6 - Midi Learn / Automation

renanfranzen Member Posts: 3 Member

Hi, there!

I'm trying to explore more of Reaktor as an FX plugin but I am facing a little trouble

In in an instrument track I have an instance of Reaktor I can easily use midi learn to automate the knobs I need to. However, if I, in the same instrument track, I am using another synth, and then Reaktor 6 right after it, as an FX I don't have that I can't use midi learn any more. I also I am not being able to use midi learn if I am in an audio track using it, lets say, as an FX for guitars.

What am I doing wrong?




  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 1,328 Expert

    Tell us, please, which daw you are using.

  • renanfranzen
    renanfranzen Member Posts: 3 Member

    I am using Pro Tools!

  • realname
    realname Member Posts: 7 Member

    maybe in your instrument/fx you have to have a midi through?

  • renanfranzen
    renanfranzen Member Posts: 3 Member

    Sorry, I don't follow. I can already do automation (learn) if Reaktor is by itsel in a virtual instrument track. However I can't seem to be able to automate it using it as an FX on any kind of track. I can do this normally with other fx plugins. I'm finding this issue with reaktor only.

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