Does anyone know how to make Reaktor blocks polyphonic?



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    unfortunately the volca is all i have to go off. i don't even know of any vintage synths that had it.. other than the Korg mono poly? it seems like paraphonic has only recently become a common choice for companies to produce..

    take the behringer poly D, its basically a minimoog with a fourth oscillator and paraphonic voice handling. the moog matriarch is similar but in a semi modular setup and some extra bells and whistles

    presumably it wouldn't have been too difficult to do this is the past, (most monosynths could have always been paraphonic) but for whatever reason no one really seemed to do it

    fortunately there don't seem to be too many correct ways that a paraphonic architecture can work, and your second example nails it.... for example if you are playing a chord followed by a single note, the only real correct thing to happen is for that single voice to turn the others off instantly, otherwise you'll always have old coming through when they're not supposed to

    its a limitation, but it also allows long release times without having a bunch of long note tails overlapping like with a polysynth. that often gives a cleaner more basic sound that demands less room within a mix

    ...I still prefer the duophonic thing that keeps both oscs going all the time, and just brings them to unison when only one key is held. There is a simplicity and elegance to that, and it is very musical. It would be interesting to try and extend that to more voices, although maybe not historically accurate? or maybe it is?

    well, maybe not historically accurately, and i hate to keep bringing behringer into this, but they have that as a mode on the poly D.... if one key is pressed it gives unison, if another is pressed the voices are split as stacked duophonic, and each additional key pressed will split again till all voices have their own notes

    shouldn't be too difficult at all? just use the number of active gates to route to different pitch algos: 1) is unison, 2) is standard dupohonic hardwired to voices 1 and 3 and cloned to 2 and 3, 3) is regular paraphonic but you detect which gate is off and set its pitch to the lowest active note and turn it on, 4) you could just route in the implementation you just made

    guess that could have problems with voice stealing though.... adding a second note the original wouldn't keep its voice

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