Mismatched Komplete Kontrol keys and buttons on Ableton

Benoit Peeters
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Hi there! I don't know if the cause is my komplete kontrol S61Mk2, Ableton or Win 11 but I wanted to expose my issue here because who knows somebody has some tips to help me.

When I use my KK in ableton, it often has a strange behavior, it start to mismatch the keys and boutons. For example, when I push the "record" buton it plays notes instead of recording. Same for other control boutons (play, shift etc...).

Also, if I have Abbey Road drum on a track, and swap to Scarbee bass for example, it plays the bass on the keyboard, but on screen it still show the Abbey Road plugin windows and the lightguide are still from the abbey road plugin instead of the Scarbee...

Is that a Win 11 known issue (I upgraded recently), or some drivers problem?

Thanks for your help guys!



  • JesterMgee
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    Sounds like you have the DAW port selected wrong in preferences:

    In the MIDI Ports section, check the DAW control port (the port that is selected as the control surface port above) and make sure NONE of the track/sync/remote options are selected.

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