Why can't I create Patterns except in Scene One?

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Hi, I've started using Maschine 2 as a stand alone for the first time and in my DAW (Reaper). I have the latest Maschine 2 installed (2.154.2). Everything seemed to be going very well BUT when I create a second (or third, fourth etc) scene. I can't create a pattern in it. I've double clicked where I want the pattern to be, I've right-clicked - nothing happens. Also, I've tried duplicating the first scene, but it doesn't duplicate the patterns (even though I've set my preferences for the patterns to be duplicated.) I've reinstalled Maschine 2, but that makes no difference. Can anyone help? I'm running a powerful Windows machine on which my other audio stuff works very well. Many thanks. I have an s61 KK as my controller. Bernard.


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    you create patterns in groups and then "assign" them to scenes. When you create a scene, you select the patterns you want to include in the scene. See section "14.2. Using Ideas View" on page 535 of the manual.

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    This is a great video by Jef Gibbons that quickly explains patterns and scenes in maschine.

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    Many thanks bzyboy and Blindeddie - the Jef Gibbons video is great. I was misunderstanding very basic things.

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