Duplicates in Machine mk3 browser

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Hi Im new to machine I seem to have two entries for most of my browser entries can anyone point me in the right direction, Thanks


  • Blindeddie
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    You probably need to re-initialize the Maschine DB. (step 3 in the link below)

    My MASCHINE 2 Browser is Empty or Incomplete – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    There may be some duplicates if you have the Maschine Factory Selection "AND" the full Maschine Library installed library...which is normal, but there are not a ton of them.

  • seanyb
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    Thanks I’ll give that a go

  • D-One
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    Some libraries can be redundant.

    Maschine Factory Selection is a smaller version of the normal Maschine library, so if you have both uninstall it.

    Same goes for Kontakt Factory Selection if you have the full one.

  • kipushka
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    Hi. Have the same issue with almost every preset in different plugins: maschine factory library, expansions, massive presets, reaktor presets, etc. Already used the methods above (deleting .db3) and checked for all duplicates on Mac. Nothing happened, still finding dublicates while scanning DB. The only difference is that some presets are opening via "Find in finder" in Maschine browser, while others not. Still both can be loaded as the same preset (only sometimes some sounds can't be preheared while choosing them in browser). Could anyone help to solve this problems? Wanna orginise and use mk3 properly without scrolling through all the duplicates...

  • kipushka
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    Please, anyone

  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @kipushka, please open a new thread for your issue. We'll make sure to get this sorted out!

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