Things we wished we had better understood when first using Maschine.

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still very much new and learning but …

For me, I wish I had seen/understood- in an all caps, blazing, etched into my retinas font- these sentences:



This would have helped me to grasp the overall workflow of the Maschine much more readily.

(Everyone of us has a different learning style and way of approaching work with a device and of course, this is written in the manual, it's only that there is so much, excellent, functionality to assimilate in learning this box. My pea brain needs a bird's eye view.)

What about y'all, what would have helped you to be less dumb?


  • Fugazi81
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    In the village of Mediocrity, Joe the Average faced the enigmatic Maschine. Its manuals were thicker than a thousand-page novel, but Joe studied them relentlessly. Armed with knowledge, he pressed buttons, glimpsed alternate realities, and finally reached the red button labeled “Rec.”

    “When the ordinary comprehends the extraordinary, the Maschine yields,” he recited.

    Joe pressed the button. Power surged through him, and he understood the universe’s secrets. He didn’t wish for fame or riches; instead, he wished for Mediocrity to thrive.

    And so, Joe returned to his attic, fixing wonky playing and blasting out thick beats. In the heart of Mediocrity, he conquered the Maschine—one manual page at a time.

    There you have it—a tale of curiosity, courage, and the magic hidden within the manuals!

  • Paul Opp
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    Also learning to gain stage your samples really helps when it comes to mixing.

  • Goldie B
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    Yes, lol - I see a lot of people on YouTube sampling stuff with the meters in the red in their tutorials!

  • Goldie B
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    I wish I’d learned to use Maschine+ as a controller for Maschine 2.0 FIRST… before trying to use it standalone!

    It’s a lot easier to get to grips with on the desktop first, before you have to start learning how to menu dive, and work out how everything relates to everything else!

  • Antonio B
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    Knowing what is saved with a preset/sound/patch/project. I know, it sounds simple but having a little chart in the manual would have been very useful. Having a good explanation up front in a 'Quick Start" manual about saving a preset in the actual synth vs sound in Machine would have made a few early days better because I would not have had to backtrack and save things differently. So… if you want to save all the macros with a sound, what is the best way to save if you want an individual file for that patch? A preset in the synth? A Mashine sound file? Or do you need to save the project? Ya, simple and straight forward now but not when you're a newbie.

  • Moover
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    the first thing I would have done is learn more to grasp what patterns, groups, etc were to get an overall picture. I first got the thing and started blazing away punching buttons without a clue of what i was doing. it all seemed so daunting with hidden mysterious functions

  • xylemflo
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    There are many lengthy tutorials out there, but at first, I would have really appreciated some short videos (<5min) on the basic functions. That said, the most important ask for me is to provide in-context links to the relevant section of the online manual within the Maschine software. This could be a "tooltips" function or a hover link, or some other vehicle for getting to the pertinent section of the manual. You already have the content, just put it in the context ;-)

  • AudioHawk
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    I wish I knew that even though there are MPE capable VSTs, the MASCHINE ecosystem does not support it at all. I wish I knew beforehand that I was going to invest in yet another DAW to make editing possible for polyphonic aftertouch commands.

    It's like a bicycle manufacturer left out a gear, or links in the bike chain, that hamper the ability to ride the bike.

    If you aren't going to support the creation of alternate controllers (like the JAM that I think highly of… maybe I'm the only one), then you could at least enable the functionality of your own software to match the functionality and capability of something capable of polyphonic aftertouch (which has been a part of electronic music for decades).

    Custom chords seems like an obvious request that so many should not even have to ask for… this should have been done years ago. Yes, there is an effective and fantastic progression tool or sequencer where you can plan out a musical path, but it's also counter productive and takes you out of the creative space.

    And thanks for letting us know you wanted input about future elements of MASCHINE after you've closed the thread. I think I got the email last night… and I log on to see the thread closed for the topic I want to post in. That's a fantastic communication fail.

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