Help me find this great REMOVED block!

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hello all. i'm desperately try find a single reaktor block that seems to not exist in the user library anymore. i am 99% sure it was uploaded by the Fluorine block creator because it very much looked like it aesthetically.

it may be called something like Sinusoid or Sinusoidal or Sincos or Cosine and i vaguely remember it being something like a phaseshifting sine oscillator.

the closest thing to it i can find in the user library is the VPS oscillator but i remember that the one im looking for had more features and was a great block all around.

i attached a screencap of the Fluorine block next to Entropic in case it rings a bell for finding the one i look for and i included the link to the VPS oscillator :

p.s. The Fluorine and Entropic blocks seem to be missing too in the library, they exist in a couple of user patches. This amplifies my suspicion that the block im try find belongs to the creator of Fluorine. anyway lets see if anyone's bell get ringed!

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