Fake free plugin offer

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Here is the message I received from Native Instruments:

A $29.99 voucher for a Plugin Alliance tool.
Thank you for registering Komplete 14. Here's a welcome gift voucher from our friends Plugin Alliance. With this voucher, worth $29.99, you can get software from their range of mixing and mastering effects, amp emulations, synths and more.
Click on the link below, add the product you want to your basket and enter the following code at checkout:

Except that on the Plugin Alliance website, they took 35 euros from my bank account, even though I'd entered the same code as Native Instruments when placing my order. In short, this is not a free plugin as indicated by Native Instruments and Plugin Alliance.



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    A voucher is not a free plugin. It's a discount.

    There is absolutely no mention about "free" plugin in the NI message you posted in your comment!
    They offered you 30 euro discount for shopping in Plugin Alliance.
    You obviously bought something that worth 65.
    Thus you paid the remaining 35.
    Simple as that.
    There is nothing "fake" here.
    Next time you should pay better attention on what you read and on the final price before you buy something, instead of complaining in forums and blame others for your own misjudgement.

    You also didn't wrote, which plugin it was. Why? Please, let us know the plugin's name, so we can all go and look at its price and see if you are right or wrong. Thank you.

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    The advertising I received is in French, not in English, perhaps they making mistake in the translation?

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    If you think that N.I. promised you something , in French or any other language , that you did not get then you should contact customer support N.I. Account Support or N.I. Purchase Support . They are in charge.

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