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Arthur Rose
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Hey everyone,

I got some troubles with my M+ (I'm a newbie with Maschine)

When I Plug in the M+ only via USB, Maschine Software is working and synchronizing with my M+.

So everything I do in the Software, I see in Maschine too. But my Expansions (Groups, Instruments) are not available.

When I Start Maschine+ with the Power Cord Plugged in and USB (or without USB) I can see all my Expansions, but it's not synchronizing with the Maschine Software.

So when I load a Group for Example, its not loaded in Maschine Software, only on M+

Do you know, what I do wrong? :(


  • TheAndroid
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    M+ and Maschine Software on your computer are 2 different environments.

    You need to see the M+ as a dedicated computer with its own instance of Maschine Software running - and its own sound library.

    The expansions have to be installed on both environments. You did it for the M+ in standalone mode, you have to do it on your computer as well (using Native Access).

  • Arthur Rose
    Arthur Rose Member Posts: 6 Member

    Ok Thanks for your Answer!

    So if I want to build an project with the expansions and edit them also on Maschine Software I have to download them on my Mac and Plug the M+ only with USB in right?

  • djadidai
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    You have to move the project file from sd card to computer or connect the sd card to your computer and open file with the software

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