Sync With Wavetables

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This is a very intense question. Does any one know how to add Sync Function to the Sampler in REAKTOR…for Wavetables; the Sampler only does FM. Any help would be most appreciated.



  • Paule
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    edited May 2022

    Myself use 4 wt maps in VuduCumuloNimbo without sync.

    IMHO there is no need to sync maps in Sample Player if all starts on the same starting point.

    Please set the Sampler to Oscillator Mode on tap Function.

  • Mar
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    I know. I meant Sync requirement for Hard Sync “throat” effect sound for Wavetable mode individually.

  • ANDREW221231
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    i think this is probably not possible with the regular sampler module, but it could be done pretty easily with the sample lookup module, which gives you total control over the read position

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