No Sound with MK3 Mikro

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I just got the MK3, and connected it on my PC (Windows 11 with the updates)

It's the first time I'm having any music software, so there's no other tool that can overtake the properties or else.

I installed Maschine 2 (software) on my PC

I installed Asio4all V2

I want to listen with the PC speakers or with my headphones.

but i have not sound when i play. Never got any sound. How can i check the settings ? and besure that everything is properly configured ?




  • Uwe303
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    you go to file/ootions/audio or something like that, there you select the Asio4all as audio device and set the outputs as you need. But i highly recommend a proper audio interface with a native asio driver.

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    Feel free to post a screenshot of your audio preferences in Maschine so we can advise.

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