Issue moving library to external drive

Gerry Carson
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I have just moved my Maschine factory library and expansions onto an external drive. In Native Access, I have relocated the files and this is all fine. However, when I go into Maschine, I cannot see any kits/loops/one shots etc.

I have gone into settings in Maschine and library, then re-scan but this does not pick up the packs. A lot of these still have my internal drive shown as the path. I went in and changed each folder individually and re-scanned. This picked some up but not all.

I then deleted my library and favourites as per the article below, but this has not fixed it. I then came out of Maschine and went back in and the library had reset itself again - nothing showing up and folders showing as internal drive again.

What am I doing wrong?




  • Gerry Carson
    Gerry Carson Member Posts: 23 Member

    In the end I had to reinstall all my software. There was a setting in NI access settings for the installation folder. I changed this to the external drive and tried building the database again, but this still didn't work. The reinstall worked.

  • KangolJedi
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    Why does NI make this process so difficult. I decided to buy Komplete 14 and wanted to free up my internal drive on my Mac so I did the tedious process of moving everything over and now nothing is working correctly. I followed the instructions and it took hours.

    Having to remove everything and reinstall is completely ridiculous.

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