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Maschine+ Stability Issues

SpencerTyler Member Posts: 37 Helper
edited May 2022 in Maschine

My maschine+ has been an absolute pain since updating to the new version. Every project so far has crashed numerous times in standalone. I had better luck with the previous version and that’s not to say it was a painless experience. Are we ever going to have a reliable standalone device because it feels like it’s moving backwards when it comes to stability? This is killing my workflow and love for the maschine. I bought a standalone so I can bring it with me and use it in standalone mode and I can’t do that at all. After my projects crash they aren’t usable in standalone anymore and have to be transferred to the computer. My friend has an MPC One and an MPC Live 1 and they never do this when I’m collaborating with him. Someone please give me some clarity here so I don’t have to send my Maschine in to get looked at and waste more time than I already have. I just want to make music without complications with a device that I paid almost $2000 CAD for last year.



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