Can't install due to size of Mac OS Catalinas startup volume?

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Hi! I'm trying to install the Una Corda plugin, which requires 43 GB on my startup volume. However, I'm on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 and I just realized that the startup volume "Macintosh HD" is read-only by default, and I only have 37 GB free. On my "Macintosh HD - data" I've got plenty of room (These two partitions are apparently created when upgrading to Catalina from High Sierra.) I'm stuck – any ideas how to get around this?


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    Hi! Actually, when erasing a lot of old files from my "Macintosh HD - data" it seemed like the read-only startup partition adjusted itself to use some of that free space, so I managed to install it after all after a day or so.


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