My Komplete Start never show up in Native Access

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Hi there!

I own Komplete Select but I realized I did not have most of the Komplete Start plugins, so I tried to add it to my account by clicking the "Get Komplete Start" button. I'm not sure if it worked or not, but I definitely don't see any mention of new softwares to install in my "not installed" tab in Native Access.

Am I supposed to do anything else apart from clicking the "Get Komplete Start" button?

I have another question, kind of unrelated but I might as well ask: are there any differences between KOMPLETE 12 SELECT and KOMPLETE 12 SELECT for HW ? I ask because I have both but only activated KOMPLETE 12 SELECT for HW, in case it was the same thing as KOMPLETE 12 SELECT. Same question between Blocks Base for KOMPLETE and Blocks Base: are they the same product? For the moment I only activated Blocks Base for KOMPLETE.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Kubrak
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    I do not have experience with Komplete Start...

    If you obtained licence by clicking "Get Komplete Start" it should appear at your NI User Account. And you should copy Licence Key from there to Native Access. After that plugins should show up as Uninstalled in NA.

    Difference between K12S and K12S for HW (BB and BB for KOMPLETE) is not in what they include (it is the same), but in licencing scheme. The first is standalone, for the latter one needs to own given HW.

  • barbatruc
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    Ok so I think I already added Komplete Start some time ago, but forget about it. I can see some products like "Komplete Start - Supercharger" or "Komplete Start - Kinetic Treats" on my NI User Account.

    However, when I check what is included in Komplete Start, it is supposed to include stuff like Lazerbass or Carbon 2, Space Drones, New Schools, etc, for example, and I don't have any of these. You can see the full explanation about what Komplete Start contains here:

    Is that because I already added Komplete Start some time ago and it did not contain these instruments, and now I can't get the other instruments you're supposed to get with Komplete Start?

    I don't have any other theories for why I only have some instruments of Komplete Start and it's impossible to add Komplete Start again to get the others when I try to click on the "Get Komplete Start" button...

    Can someone explain to me how I can add the Komplete Start instruments and plugins I don't have on my NI User Account so I can add them in Native Access please?

  • barbatruc
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    Nobody has any idea on how to fix that? Should I try to contact NI?

  • Kubrak
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    I guess majority of plugins is included under Komplete Start Licence Number and only later additions (or whatever) have separate Licence Number. If you want to have all KS plugins in NA, you have to add to NA KS licence number and all additional (starting Komplete Start - ).

    No, problem if you try to add it second time....

    If that does not work, probably the best would be to open Support Ticket, or use Live Chat (which is IMHO better, if it works)

  • barbatruc
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    Ok I contacted NI and turned out the instruments were already added in Reaktor 6. They just don't appear in NI library apparently. Thanks for your help!

  • Matt_NI
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    Answer ✓

    Sorry missed this thread.

    This article in our Knowledge Base would breakdown where to find what. Some instruments are part of the Kontakt Factory Selection or the Reaktor Factory Selection and would appear as such in Native Access

  • barbatruc
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    Yes, that's what client support told me. Thanks a lot for your help, and consider my "problem" solved.

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