Native Access 2 not installing on OS Sonoma

Cheese Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I've had Kontakt 3, 5, 6 and recently bought 7. Native Access does not want to install anything, all I get is 'Installation Failed". And I mean it's installing zero programs! Ive done all the search on how to fix it but nothing works, from disabling Firewall to disabling Private Relay, to enabling Native Access and NTKDaemon, to contacting support and while talking with a live NI agent the person just decides to not chat anymore and leaves me hanging. I've installed and uninstalled countless times and restarted my Mac over and over again and still nothing. I also tried the older version of Native Access. Maybe since NI support doesn't care to help next I'll hire a priest to do en exorcism: but that might not even work! And I paid money for Kontakt 7 and I'm sure there's no way they're gonna refund me.

Has anyone had this problem and by any change does anyone have a solution?

Thanks, everyone! Except for NI, you guys suck!

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