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First, I started Djing back in 2008 with 2 Pioneer CDJs 800 and a solid Pioneer DJM 800 , then switched to a digital DJ Setup with a 15 Inch MacBook Pro from 2010 , 2 Native Instrument Kontroller X1, a NI Maschine and an Audio 8 DJ from NI. Software was/is Traktor of course.

I am currently planning on getting a new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro Chip. NI dropped support for Audio DJ 8 with MacOS High Sierra. So I Guess there are 0 chances getting this soundcard to work anymore.

So what are the Solutions. I want traktor running on m1 pro. But still want to use the stuff that i already own. At least my Pioneer DJM 800 which is still fine today. Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.



  • KidMerlyn
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    Basically it looks like you will have to either buy a new audio interface or possibly the Maschine has an audio interface built in?

  • milan8888
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    Buy a used mac (something around 2015) that runs the os that still supports the audio8. If your X1s and the Maschine are mk1 they wont work as well with the m1 Mac

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