Using sustain peddle with link groups

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I currently have a sound on 2 pads within the same group and have them linked together so when either pad is the currently selected pad they will both play. However, if I'm using the sustain peddle, it only works on the sound on the currently selected pad. How do I get the sustain peddle to control all the sounds in a link group? Any help is greatly appreciated!



  • Murat Kayi
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    Haven't tried this, but I guess in addition to linking the pads you should try configuring the midi for the main pad to "midi through"

  • bzyboy
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to get it to work not using LINK groups at all. I have 3 synths, each on their own pad in a single group. I turned on the mixer and selected the Input/Output button and changed the MIDI OUT of the first sound to S2 (sound slot 2) and the notes and sustain pedal info passes successfully to Sound 2. When I select MIDI OUT on Sound 2 to S3 (sound slot 3) that midi info only gets passed successfully to Sound 3 if Sound 2 is the currently selected sound. So in order to get all 3 to play I had to make Sound 1 active and then change the MIDI IN of Sound 3 to ALL. This works in this example but not sure what the downstream effect is of having MIDI IN set to ALL if I have more sounds and/or groups in my project. It's not the most elegant solution but it works for now! I created a screenshot of what the mixer looks like but for some reason I can't insert or attach an image file to this post.

  • bzyboy
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    Here's a pic of the mixer that shows how I set it up if anybody else has the same issue that I did.

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