Need another option to download/sync into Maschine/Komplete Kontrol

wozithegreat Member Posts: 2 Noise
edited May 6 in Maschine

What they did to integration is really sad and disappointing. I'm holding back my money from all purchases until Native instruments fixes this issue. it's not like it's a hard thing to do. give us another option to download and sync our sounds into Maschine/Komplete Kontrol. The manual work around sucks and really is not what I signed up for. I love NI Gear. I have much of it from audio interfaces to keyboards to Maschine Jam to Maschine mk2, Komplete Kontrol, Maschine expansion packs . I'm not buying another thing until i see that native instruments stands behind and supports their products. It's getting really frustrating to buy gear/services and watch as Native instruments creates more hardware, while not supporting the hardware/services already on the market. Give us a standalone auto downloader. Treat us, your customers with some respect. or we will give our money to your competition.

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