Maschine in hosts :open/close VST plugin windows

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Hi , i moved to Bitwig to use with MIDI hardwares . I would use Maschine Jam and Studio in another computer system , i use them in Zenbeat just to get automations .

I remember that i could open and close vst plugin windows with Maschine hardware without to have Maschine window opened (while Maschine is in host ) and it seems now not possible . With Studio or mk3 the software window is less useful but plugin windows are needed to program widely .

Can you do this in your host ? Or the feature is gone ?



  • 6xes
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    normal operation would be… the Host(bitwig) calls the plugin, then the plugin comes to the front…

    so you would need to find out how the host handles & calls the plugin to bring it into view

    MaschineHW whilst in maschine mode does not do this by default

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