Reaktor output value?

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I'm output a 1.0 value from Reaktor to my DAW (which is set to multiply the signal from a VST x1 - i.e. as is), but it seems the final value is 2.0 i.e. +6.02 db?


Here's the schematic (i.e. the important parts):

Is the "default" meter on top/right at +6.02db?

Don't think so, in case it would be -6.02db :)

Thanks for any helps.



  • colB
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    You don't show the whole ensemble, so it's hard to help.

    What I would guess is that you are using polyphony, and the final audio voice combiner is adding a 1 from each voice.

    So if you have voices set to 8, then the output value will be 8. Impossible to tell for sure though without seeing the settings or the rest of the ensemble.

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    It's also the case that particular DAWs may calibrate their meters differently.

    That looks like maybe FL Studio in the background? Do they document that 1.0 is what they consider 0dB?

    If you export to WAV and open up the file in some sample editor, does it show clipping?

  • Nowhk
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    Got it, thanks.

    FL Studio VST wrapper increment output by +6 (not sure why).


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