Stem Creator + m1 + Monterey = Export Failed

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I can't get the Stem Creator tool to export .stem files anymore on my Mac m1 with Monterey.

Is there anyway there could be an update for this tool??

I spent 6/7 years waiting for an update on Traktor so that it could read Lossless .stem files created with ALAC. Finally there was recently a fix! 

For the second time I bought controllers to play with stems (I did this in 2016 but then learned about the lossless bug)... I was so happy. I made my whole setup... just bought a new laptop.. and now there is a new bug

I can't create the .stem files with stem creator tool

I tried with 24bit wav, 16bit wav, ALAC, with file names likes 1.wav, 2.wav... and I always get "Export failed"

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  • Ninesense
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    Luckily Stem Creator works fine using Parallels and Windows...

    Ok for now

    Please NI update the Stem Creator Tool <3

  • Mutis
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  • rutierut
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    Can confirm that this still does not work on modern Macs

  • Rmills
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    Thank you to the both of you. I am on an Intel 16" MacBookPro running Monterey and was having the same issue. These two things: 1. Patched Software 2. Terminal Command Helped me resolve the issue.

    "download the command line developer tools" was a bit confusing to me so I will try to clarify for others....

    Just to clarify for anyone else, this is how it worked.

    1. Download and install the patched software from "rutierut" from this thread.
    2. Open Terminal and run the Terminal Command from "Ninesense" seen in this thread.
    3. Open STEM Creator Try to make a STEM. I received a failed message. But then was prompted to download and install the command line developer tools. Which I did.
    4. Quit STEM Creator.
    5. Reopened STEM Creator and created a STEM file with out any issues.

    STEMS Creator is working fine for me now.

    I hope this helps others.



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