How to sidechain reverb?

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So I'm trying to sidechain the reverb for more clear vocals, but reverb should be still there kinda like between the singing. I know it's very basic thing to do, but I rarely use these kind of tecnics and want to learn more. I just started to use effect sends and I almost got it right, but the problem is that compressor is also taking away the power from the vocals. So in this case vocals should sound as they are (with reverb), and then compressor should sidechain only the reverb whenever the vocals hit more. Can someone explain how can I use sends for that kind of sidechain? How should I route this?


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    Load an effect to an empty sound channel, then go to the channel settings of the instrument, audio or sample and either route the Sound "Audio Out" or "AUX Send" 1 or 2 to that channel. Then you can add a compressor/gate w/sidechain input prior to and/or after the Verb to get the desired sound. You should be able to direct sidechain settings and automation directly from Maschine with more accuracy. In some plugins, after enabling the sidechain in Maschine, you'll still need to enable the sidechain on the plugin itself.

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