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I am a composer and academic teacher. I am interested in the Komplete 13 package (in this version for 599.00 EUR). Is there any chance to use a voucher for such a package?


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  • Kubrak
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    I guess, it should not be a problem. Vouchers are not usable on HW, SW on Sale/Discount (and maybe upgrades - not sure)...

    There probably will be Summer Sale in June (in say 6 weeks). If so, the best would be to buy Komplete 13 Select using voucher and Upgrade to K13 from Select on Sale. You could save 200, if discount will be 50% as usual. Which is not guarantied...

    Another aspect is, that in half year or so might come Komplete 14, if 2 year release cycle is kept on...

  • Dempsey
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    Thank you for your answer! I will think about this. This wat sounds very good.

    Best regards

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