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Komplete 13 Select vs Komplete 13 Upgrade

JJPP Member Posts: 17 Sine
edited May 2022 in Komplete General

does the [UPGRADE for SELECT (DL)] means it will upgrade to KOMPLETE 13 SELECT, or will it be the full version of KOMPLETE 13?



  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,553 Pulse

    it means that the Base product you are upgrading to the full version from is "Select". If you have an account, log in and it will tell you if you qualify based on your currently registered products (there are different prices dependent on your upgrade path as well) if you have other concerns, I would get in touch with "Order Support" here...

    Webshop & Orders – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome Member Posts: 438 Saw
    edited May 2022

    In other words: If you own Komplete Select, choose this and you can upgrade to Komplete 13 for a reduced price ($399 instead of $599).

    Other examples:

    • If you own Komplete 12 Select and want Komplete 13 Select, choose [Update].
    • If you own Komplete 12 and want Komplete 13, choose [Update].
    • If you own Komplete 12 Select and want Komplete 13, choose [Upgrade for Select].
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