Is Traktor Scratch Pro 2 compatible with IOS Ventura?

Mike86 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
I purchased a new Mac with IOS Ventura, but I use Traktor Scratch Pro 2 + Audio 8 DJ.

Is Traktor Scratch Pro 2 compatible with IOS Ventura or do I have to upgrade to Pro 3?

Is Traktor Pro 3 compatible with Audio 8 DJ?

Thank you for your help


  • maniacintosh81
    maniacintosh81 Member Posts: 48 Helper

    Ventura needs at least Traktor Pro 3.7.1, no version of Traktor (Scratch) Pro 2 is supported on Ventura. Latest macOS supporting Traktor (Scratch) Pro 2 is macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

    Traktor Audio 4/8 drivers are supported up to macOS 10.14 Mojave. Therefore Audio 8 DJ will not work with Ventura.

    In general Traktor Audio 8 DJ is compatible with Traktor Pro 3. You need an older version of Traktor Pro 3 on an operating system which supports Audio 8 drivers. macOS 10.11 to 10.14 fall in this range. Some Windows versions will surely do too.

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