Maschine+ controller’s display freezing in midi mode

elliotmm Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

Hi everyone,

I noticed that my maschine+ display was freezing on midi mode… (on both maschine 2 software and vst)

Actually, when i start a maschine project, after less than 3 manipulations on the controller, all pads and screens are freezed. i can still control maschine 2, but without display sync on the controller. so the pads keeps the sames colors and the screens the last display from before the crash. a bit inconvenient…

Anyone ?

thanks for your helps guys ! 😁


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  • elliotmm
    elliotmm Member Posts: 7 Newcomer
    Answer ✓

    Hi guys,

    I tried to connect the maschine with a shorter usb cable, (the previous one was 2-3meters long) apparently it works !

    thanks all 😁


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