Can someone please help direct me how to fix my Plug Ins section

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So this morning i tried installing my first 3rd party anything, it was an EQ with visuals since that seems to be one thing Maschine is missing. So i cant remember excactly what i changed (I thought I just added a new folder, not mess with any pre-existing ones) but i got maschine to recognize the new VST and played around with the EQ.

THEN I started a new project... I went to load up my instruments and it seems that specifically Kontakt instruments (piano etc) and Massive Instruments give me the infamous "blank failed to load"

So i tried doing some forum searching and following different things that seemed to have helped others and rescanning to no avail. Can someone please direct me where i should have my locations set and how to put everything into one folder and get my sounds to load in Maschine?

Oddly enough I can load the Gentleman and such in Kontakt and Play freely on the 88 but I can't get any of them to load in Maschine.

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