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How to remove 3rd party software from Native Access

Mike Moore
Mike Moore Member Posts: 2 Noise

Hi, I have 5 items in my Native Access (not installed) folder I no longer want. I cant find a way to remove them. I have tried Regedit (I use windows 11) but they arent showing up. Does anybody know another way?




  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,663 Pulse

    I guess, there is no way to remove them. NA simply shows licences that you own.

    You could do one thing. Ask NI to remove those plugins from your NI account. But you would loose your right to use them forever (need to get new licence if wanting to use it again).

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore Member Posts: 2 Noise

    Thanks, I may give that a try. As you say I may want to use them again.

  • pranaearth
    pranaearth Member Posts: 49 Tri

    I wish there were a way to remove old licenses. I have stuff from 2005 that has long since been discontinued that are annoyingly still hanging around in NA.

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