User Poll for Genre/Type of Expansions we’d like to see next would be great right?!

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We all love Maschine expansions no doubt. Wouldn’t it be great if users had input on what they’d like to hear in them? What better place than here? I’m sure the sound design team would love this type of feedback.

Sound off if you agree! Also, I’d love to hear what other users want to hear in upcoming packs so let us know below 👇.



  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,082 admin

    MSX Audio always delivering quality stuff.

    I'm with you on the foley aspect but this could also be its own Kontakt instrument.

    Curious to hear what others think?

  • DeepThumb
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    Everything with bpm>120, techno, tech house, dnb ... no more hiphop and soul 😉. Something like Rythm Source, Body Mechanik or Liquid Energy

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez Member Posts: 79 Advisor

    Id love a new expansion or few that featured soft brushes, clicks, experimental and world percussion. Could make for a pretty cool Play Instrument too. Blending different sounds while adjusting attack and LfOs to come up with our own percussion.

    i hope everyone includes sounds that may have even been covered in the past. Trap, Hip Hop and Dance get lots of repeat love in expansion store. Can’t have too much of anything made well right?

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez Member Posts: 79 Advisor

    808s have had quite the extended run haven’t they?🤨

    By Left Field do you mean there’s a genre or style of music im unaware of or, like “outta left field” as in just something random and unexpected?

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez Member Posts: 79 Advisor

    By Kontakt instrument do you mean a Foley Play series where you could say blend A. crowd cheer sample and B. Crowd Boos sample processed with other effects to create a whole stadium vibe?

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,235 Expert

    Yes, that’s how I understood Left Field… I think there’s at least one Expansion (Warped Symmetry) where it is mentioned.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Member Posts: 261 Pro

    I think foley is an interesting idea, but it's also a very big field. I get Computer Music sometimes and the free disc often has a few hundred foley type sounds, though sometimes very narrow in source (eg sounds of things in the kitchen).

    While I'm a big fan of more ambient / cinematic types of sound, it seems to be the Play Instruments are covering some of those off. I'm only a dabbler, and probably not at all representative of a large portion of the audience, but I do like sound of the 60s / 70s. Not sure how those would translate to an expansion though!

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez Member Posts: 79 Advisor

    Interested in what type of 60/70s you mean. Any artist or tune you can name that captures the vibe?

  • vladimireti
    vladimireti Member Posts: 3 Member

    Future bass, hybrid trap, dark trap genres, please.

    We really deserve more cool hard-hitting sounds, please! Still curious why so little was done in that direction.

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