Remapping S4 mk3 mixer section to control 4 fx units

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Hi there

Am completely new to mapping but happy to dig into guts and learn.

I use TP3 in external mixing mode, so the mixer section (eq and mixer fx) on my S4 Mk3 sits there redundantly.

I’m thinking it’d be great to utilise the mixer fx and eq controls so that I can control the 4 regular fx units instead.

Would just like to understand if this is possible? Not sure how best to set it up, but I’d like to have per deck control of opt-in to each fx.

Initial thought is to use the four mixer fx and assign to regular fx - so mixer fx 1 maps to regular fx 1 etc. The small buttons (above Filter) would switch each fx unit on, then the ‘on’ button (the one above each channel) would assign the channel to the fx.

Then have the three eq knobs control the fx parameters.

i think it’s the channel assignment part that I find confusing to imagine how it would work.

If someone could let me know if this is achievable that’d be great.



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