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Jordyn Kelly
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Hey Guys,

Hoping someone can help here. All of my usual weekly residencies have CDJ2000 Nexus setups in them, which work perfectly fine in HID mode with the latest edition of Traktor Pro. However, I had a random gig last night that had two CDJ 2000's in (non nexus), and Traktor was having none of it. The aggregator would pick both decks up, i'd open Traktor but then the minute I tried to select LINK and assign the player to a deck side I would get a message pop up saying 'Could not find the autoconfig file for device cdj2000! Please re-install. The player would then show 'Traktor disconnected.' Tried clicking the setup wizard on start up, but instantly got a different pop up saying 'Missing TSI files.'

Checked the mapping files in the settings menu and there are ones for the CDJ2000s there. Bizarre. Had to plug in my S2 MK3 and that worked fine for the gig (although a bit of a pain.)

Any Suggestions on what this could be? Bit worried about turning up for my regular gigs with the nexus players and encountering the same issue.

(Traktor was fully updated, and so was the firmware on the players - Well, if 4.33 is still the latest version?)




  • Matt_NI
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    @Ryan_NI Any tip for this issue with the CDJ 2000 ?

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @Jordyn Kelly - sorry to hear this happened! In general, the best way to avoid this type of situation would be to connect Traktor directly to the mixer and use the mixer as the Audio Device. The aggregator can be fairly buggy and not always reliable.

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