How do I get Massive to show up as a VST plugin?

LaFilmGrad16 Member Posts: 1 Noise

I installed komplete 10 five years ago and however it isn’t showing up in my VST plugin list anymore . I reinstalled Native Access and downloaded /reinstalled Massive and clicked rescan plug-ins under the Ableton Live preferences menu but it still will not show up. I am able to find the file/folder and open it outside of my DAW but can’t seem to open it up within Ableton. Can someone please help out?



  • Blindeddie
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    Make sure that the Massive.dll is located in the plugin scan path of Ableton. (Or add the path). The default install path of Native Access is c:\program files\Native Instruments\VST64…

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @LaFilmGrad16 - check out the link below for more details on the process:

    Plug-In Administration in Ableton Live

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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