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I have had a bunch of vouchers from NI for various reasons and noticed something the other day. I've bought 2x Play Series instruments in 2023, and 3x Expansions in 2024. Each time I used a voucher from Komplete to buy the instruments, which halved the cost.

My Play Series instruments are listed in my account as available to transfer, but my Expansions are listed as Not Transferrable. Firstly, I wondered if something changed between 2023 and 2024 to make them NFR. Then I wondered if this is because they come from a bundle voucher - though this makes no sense. I can't fugure out why there'd be a difference between Expansions and Play Series that makes one transferrable and the other not.

And on a related note; I then wondered if the current 9 for 99 deal gives you licenses that are NFR or ones that can be resold? I'm interested in the offer, but not if the licenses are likely to be NFR. I assume you can sell them because I see Expansions for sale all the time, but I wondered if them being part of a bundle prevented this.

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    First thing that comes to me is that expansions contain non encrypted wide open samples and other easily copyable files.

    Would be very easy for to copy all the stuff from an expansion and then sell it.

    Not surprising in the least that they are non-transferable.

    But if you are seeing Expansions for sale then my theory does not hold water.


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    When did you purchase the three Expansions this year?

    If it was just very recently, then that may be the issue:

    Your product has been registered during the last 60 days

    For technical reasons, serial numbers are automatically excluded from license transfer for 60 days after registration. In case you wish to resell the product before the 60-day transfer block, please contact our support team.

    ( )

    I purchased 9 for 99 in April last year and could transfer those just fine if I wanted to.

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    Wow - this is the answer! I did not know this… Thanks!

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    You still may transfer them within 60 days' period, but you have to open Support Ticket to do so. It is not possible by using general licence transfer mechanism.

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