Metronome, play, record etc. does not work in Logic Pro X

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Hello, I just finished setting up Maschine and am following the manual to get started. I was able to audition the kits and load them onto the pads and play, however, when I press Shift + Tap the metronome button lights up but there is no sound of a metronome. Same when I press play or record nothing happens. When I try to change tempo by holding shift + tempo and then turning the 4-D encoder the tempo does not change. I can only change the tempo by changing it inside of my Logic project. I can't find anything on Youtube either, there are lots of advanced tutorials but nothing for these extremely simple basic steps. The manual does not teach you how to set it up correctly with a different DAW. Do I have to perform some kind of complex routing and programming to enable these features to work in Logic or is my Maschine faulty and should I contact support?


  • Tony Jones
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    The tempo is probably controlled from Logic, not near a computer or I’d look up the setting in preferences somewhere.

    not sure how the metronome gets routed

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @alza the metronome is turned off in preferences by default so can you make sure you turn it on as Tony suggested? Also note that the Metronome is set to the CUE output by default. If you wanna head the CUE output on the same channel as the MASTER output, set it to the EXT.1

    Can you try following the steps in this video to see if it helps?

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