Anybody know where I can buy a power supply for the S4 MK3? NI is out of stock

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I'm getting some crackling sound out of my speakers after inadvertently applying slight pressure on the power supply wire. I found the plug had partially come out of the controller. I pushed it back in and tested, but there is still a crackling sound. I think the problem is the power supply needs to be replaced. What do you think could be the problem? I want to replace the power supply as a first attempt to fix the problem. Attached is a pic of a power supply that looks more like a laptop power supply. Description shows NI-23975 which I believe is the NI power supply part number. Would this work? Thanks.



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    It's far more likely to by the internal connection and not the wire head, though neither should cause speaker crackling

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    Your issue could be one of a defect PSU , but it could also be of other reasons such as e.g. noise on the power grid either from within your own home , from neighbors or from other EM interference or from non grounded equipment. (real attention is needed in connection with both grounding and not grounding since currents can travel and be transferred if not careful which could damage equipment attached)

    As for the PSU question then check the NI page for compatibility !

    You can buy the PSU from e.g . who ships worldwide though shipping may e expensive in the US , you will see cost at check out.

    The PSU: Native Instruments NI-23975 40W Power Supply is also out of stock at e.g.

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    I would contact a local electronics repair shop. I know they can be hard to find. But look up places that specialize in things like video, phone, audio repair. Even places like Batteries Plus (here in Seattle), repair phones, tablets and understand voltage etc. Worth a try and might not be super expensive. (Way less work than replacing touch screens and large screens on tvs.)

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    From your screenshots it looks like it has the correct voltage and amp/watt.

    Now you just need to make sure the polarity is correct.

    If that is the case then it should probably work.

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    I've been using the controller for about 6 months without movement with no sound crackling issues. The crackling started when I plugged the power supply back into the unit. So not likely a home wiring electrical problem. However I will test the speakers using my backup TP scratch A6.

    The shop where I bought the S4MK3 has a power supply (PS) I can use to test the controller in their shop. (Nice people)

    If the PS is not the problem, I do have a warranty so then I would just send it out for service.

    Thanks for help and for the link to the PS seller.

    I'll come back and tell you the test results.

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    Edit: I assumed it was out of warranty. Yes definitely pursue that option first.

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    I redownloaded the Asio driver and took the fold bends out of my power supply cord. Unit is working propetly again, but I'm not sure which action corrected the problem. As for the Asio driver download the S4MK3 Asio driver is no longer in the list of devices for audio setup, so I selected S4MK3 WASAPI shared mode and it works without crackling. Not sure why the Asio device is missing. I think I'm getting overall better sound performance with Shared mode. I'd still like to get a new power supply just in case there is a short in the wire.

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