(Please Send help) 🥺 😭 Issues with using and/or installing traktor pro 3 and s4 mk3

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The issue I have with the EXT button not synced with the software. Another issue I have been experiencing is with the software just hanging if I try to scratch it do much of anything on it.

Also whenever I try to reinstall the software it remembers my settings. 🤷‍♂️

Please send help. Any and all ideas are appreciated.


  • The Sarge
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    little less informations to really understand how to help

    what is it, that you have inserted for the EXT-button? a MIC, a Turntable or whatelse?

    and what kind of scratching much hanging the software? the big jogwheels on the S4Mk3?

    I think it would be good to give also some info what PC/Mac, what chosen in the preferences as Audio-Interface etc.

    btw: reinstalling mostly helps not to lose settings, because (and that´s good) it doesn´t delete the preference-file. There is a way to reset inside the software (was it Preferences>SetUpWizard?), but also to go to the Windows-User path and look there for it

  • R3mix
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    I am running a windows PC with windows 11. I have all the latest updates.

    I have my laptop running into line "C"and a mic running into line "D"

    When scratching I'm using the jog wheels in "TT" mode.

    In my audio preferences I am using the s4 mk3 driver.

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    ok, thx

    do you mean "laptop running into line C" that your tracks (MP3/FLAC etc) are there? if yes, what is the 2nd Line for the next track when mixing them?

    Mic into line "D" seems ok, can´t check cause I don´t use one (stutter when nervous/under pressure)

    btw: have you seen those good short-starting-videos from NI? https://www.native-instruments.com/de/products/traktor/dj-software/traktor-pro-3/learn-traktor-pro/

    and here is also from NI a very good (in my opinion the best!) Traktor S4Mk3-course on Youtube, this guy shows everything you need from starting (Part1+Part2) over to advanced till expert (Part3+4):


    "TT"-mode is right for scratching

  • R3mix
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    I use decks A and B as track decks. I use decks C and D as live inputs.

    Deck C is a live inputs from the 3.5mm jack on my laptop and Deck D is the Mic.

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    ah okay, good to read you chose the "normal" line-setup

    so back to startpost: you asked why EXT is not synced?

    how should a normal Audio-Input (from your Laptop) be synced? there´s nothing Traktor can sync-to because it´s just audio-data without any written beat-grit, tempo etc. -> the same with your Mic, btw

    what kind of audio do you play from the laptop into Line C? not the format like mp3/FLAC etc., the type: samples? livestream? loops? full Audio-CD?

    you can answer that later, because I´m now off for a while - in the meantime watch´n´read the links I gave you

    c u l8er

  • R3mix
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    So the issue is the controller is not synced with the software.

    When I press EXT it should switch back and forth between the deck and the live inputs but it doesn't

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    Attached a picture of the settings.

    Here is the issue. On the S4 mk3 to switch between line and and mic, you are supposed to hold Shift and press EXT.

    On my controller if I press EXT without holding Shift the software will switch but, the light on controller won't switch.

    When I hold Shift and press EXT the software does nothing but the controller light switches.

    This happens to all the decks/channels.

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    just to save for misunderstanding: do you press controller-SHIFT or keyboard-SHIFT?

    to the picture: why do you not use the S4Mk3-own ASIO ?

    and what is with my question I asked you?

    and have you watched/read the links?

  • lord-carlos
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    Mhh, pressing once on EXT should active the live input.

    And pressing shift + EXT active the small light next the MIC C/D

    Sounds like everything is working? I don't understand what the problem is.

  • The Sarge
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    puh, good to hear ;)

    so now take your time and anser the people here the questions they asked you, because without this is not easy to answer, because we aren´t wizards/magicians

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    I see no other questions other than someone asking for a video.

  • R3mix
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    So... I figured out the button situation. (User error) Now I just need to figure out why it keeps hanging which I suspect has something to do with the fact that I'm streaming the audio from beat source

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