Make porting Komplete from one computer to another easier

john parker
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Hello, I would like to request native instruments make porting Komplete (and by extension) all of their products easier to port from one computer or system to another.

I'm on an iMac and will be getting the new studio Mac soon and the idea of porting Komplete and all of my Kontakt libraries, presets etc to a clean system makes me shudder. There are resources all over the place and there doesn't seem to be a way to say "hey, duplicate everything on this new system.

There is time machine but this only gets you part of the way there. I've resorted to tagging important folders in my documents folder so I can search that specific tag and copy it over but inevitably, Stuff is going to be missed.

It would be great if I just had one folder that I could copy with confidence from one machine to another and then it just works with nothing missing.

This is really a larger problem that I see with a lot of software makers but why is it like this? If I have a native instruments folder on an external drive with Komplete in their and all of my 3rd party libraries, why can't the presets and user content (sound dust) presets be in there as well?

If that is not possible, would Native instruments be open to making a migration assistant that handles all of this for you? it would certainly cut down on the pain of migrating to a clean system and users would find this to be valuable and we would be extremely appreciative.

As these products become so huge, complex and advanced, we really do need some help in this area.


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