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S4 MK3 Cue Point Drifting in TT Mode

I'm having my cue point when in TT mode drift on me, what I mean by that is when I'm scratching and I left the cue at say the 6 o'clock position, when I go to spin the jog back the cue is no longer at 6, it's moved to the 7 o'clock position. Each time I come back it will keep moving clockwise around the jog.

I know that this was a long standing issue, but it seems to me it had been fixed as I haven't noticed it in a while, but as soon as I installed the latest update that just came out, I am noticing the drift again.(and if it's like before it only affects the deck in TT but in JOG mode it is fine) Can anyone else that knows what I'm talking about verify for me that It had been fixed? Or am I just smoked and it's never been fixed?

I think i will roll back the latest update and check for myself. But i'd still like to hear anyone else that knows what I'm talking about. I'll post my results after I roll it back.

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  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    Hey @DJ_DichOtomy - it's my understanding that this issue hasn't been fixed yet, unfortunately.

  • DJ_DichOtomy
    DJ_DichOtomy Member Posts: 19 Member

    I was just curious, if the Traktor team are aware of this issue, it's very annoying and makes it extremely difficult to scratch and kind of makes the spinning jog wheels pointless. Further info: I'm on a Windows 10 machine using an s4 mk3 and the bug is present in the beta as well as previous versions. I'm using the ASIO drivers from Native Instruments specifically for the s4 mk3.

  • dannravv
    dannravv Member Posts: 3 Member

    i am having the same issue on the latest version of traktor on both my Macs using Montery and big sur. Jog mode is even worse and if i try to scratch the cue points go off by quiet a bit in both TT and Jog. Also if i do a spin back teh jog wheel spins then it has a mind of its own by spinning forward. It's unusable. i am on the s4 mk3 also and have never had this issue before until this week.

  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 45 Helper
    Answer ✓

    If this is happening in jog mode, you may want to try resetting the controller from preferences and resetting the main settings tsi.

    I had the cue point drift in jog mode and doing both the above made my S4 mk3 work like it used to. Worth a try.

  • DJ_DichOtomy
    DJ_DichOtomy Member Posts: 19 Member

    It's not in Jog mode unfortunately, works perfectly in fact, only when I switch it to TT mode for scratching which ironically is when you really need your cue point to not move. Oh well I'm used to it now and I suppose if it didn't drift it'd feel weird to me. yeah

  • levrone
    levrone Member Posts: 1 Member

    Traktor S4 MK3

    I‘m having the same issue in Jog & TT mode on the latest version of traktor on my Mac with M1 Chip. Is there already a solution to the problem?

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,525 mod

    S4 MK43 is a dead product. I stopped using it a while ago, too many issues that never got fixed.

    I wish NI can prove me wrong and fix it. Great hardware and bad software.

  • s4mk3
    s4mk3 Member Posts: 33 Helper

    Yes the sticker drift is really bad. There have been other posts on this issue but no response.

  • DJ_DichOtomy
    DJ_DichOtomy Member Posts: 19 Member

    Sticker Drift, I knew that ****** had a name!

    It's to the point now that I'm used to it and just adjust for it. Whenever I mix on different gear nowadays I can't scratch worth a ******, always adjusting for the sticker drift that is non existent on (as far as I know) every one else's ******. It was almost a deal breaker for me, but I've been using Traktor forever and I like it way better than Serato. You'd think that if you are going to have motorized jogs, you'd fix something like that and I also wonder why i've never heard it mentioned in any review. I watched/read everything I could find on the s4 mk3. I noticed the problem the first time I used it.

    Oh well, but hey thanks for throwing "Sticker Drift" out there for me. Very apt description for the problem. I dig it.

  • stevo3985
    stevo3985 Member Posts: 5 Member
    edited March 2023

    Hey all! I am new to the forum, and just received my TKS4 Mk3 yesterday. I hooked it up overnight, and immediately noticed the phase drift when in turntable mode. I spent all night looking for any info about this issue, and was able to find nobody else with the issue (until I got here).

    I am relieved and also SUPER disappointed about the fact that this is still an issue in March 2023, with MBPro M1 Max with Ventura macOS 13.4.1.

    This is ridiculous, and the issue should have been resolved with this flagship product, in April (May or June would be MAX acceptable time frame for this) 2022, when it was first mentioned. Under NO circumstances should this still be an issue, 11 months later! 

    Thanks in advance, for anyone that can help me to find a resolution (if one exists). If this is a problem that remains unresolved, I will 100% be returning this immediately to the store where I picked it up. I refuse to beta-test gear/software that I have paid full freight to acquire. 😡

  • stevo3985
    stevo3985 Member Posts: 5 Member
    edited March 2023

    Combined this comment into an edited version of the first...

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