Traktor Pro 3.11.17 does not update the cover art

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Hi guys,

i updated the cover art via mp3tag - 500x500 png - everything looks fine - Traktor Pro shows only the old image. No way to force Traktor to update the cover (delete track, cons check, change file name, change title / artist name in mp3 tag). Any tipps or hints?

;-) Thx



  • JLuuuu
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    Add: If i update the cover via Traktor Pro, the new cover will not show up in mp3tag. Looks like mp3tag und Traktor does not like each other. ;-) BTW: I extracted the cover from another mp3 track (via mp3tag) and added via Traktor.

  • Toxicaudio
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    This issue is bothering me too.

    My workaround:

    Close Traktor!

    Open mp3tag. Delete cover in mp3tag. Save the track.

    Open Traktor. Select the track and delete the old cover via menu. Close Traktor!

    Reopen mp3tag and add a new cover and save the track.

    Reopen Traktor and load track into a deck. Done.

  • JLuuuu
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    Thx Buddy, I will give it a try!

  • JLuuuu
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    Worked for me ether! I used foobar2000. Thx

  • lord-carlos
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    Does "Check consistency" not update the cover art? I know it works for other tags.

    Edit: Ah nevermind, I see JLuuu tried that.

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