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i will buy a new macbook. I have the choice between air m2 16/512 or the new pro m3 16/512. Traktor works without problems on this maschines?


  • Harald Walker
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    See https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/26955/anyone-know-if-traktor-pro-3-works-on-mac-m3-devices from just a few days ago. Some people have been running into issues with Apple M processors but a forum is not representative and their problems can have many causes.

    M3 does not offer any advantage unless you need it for something else. Both are great for real time stem separation. Do you want to have your music collection all on the laptop? Will 512MB be enough then? The MacBook Air only has 2 USB-4 ports so will quickly require a good USB-hub to connect additional devices like controllers, audio interface, external storage,…

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    Hello guys.. today just arrived my new pc macbook pro 14 18 ram m3 .. i installed traktor pro 11 last version and connect my s4 mk3 controller. When i scratched in deck a the sond stoped or freezing something like that so when i scratched again the song was playing normally.. is that a bug? Can anyone help me please?

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