Having issues with Vectory and Timing

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So I've been using Reaktor for a while but I can't figure out why Vectory always seems out of time with my DAW. I've got it connected to the DAW's clock but the samples seem to start maybe a 32nd or 16th note too early which after a while, things just sound awful. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to resolve it? Would really appreciate it. Thank you <3

Edit: I am using Ableton Live 11 and every other groovebox or sequencers works in time with the host



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    We don't need a war - we own Reaktor!

    Attached: 5 minutes nightly war noises.mp3 in 7zip container

    Record 16 bars pandoro loop with bpm 175 and place in Vectory. Drive Vectory by MRC, Arp on and set Vectory Drive to 10 o'clock.

    I use Silent remover in Wavosaur. Ready!

    As I don't use a daw there is no help by me to sync your track.

    But thanks to point me again to Vectory back.

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