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Hello, would it be ideal for Maschine to export/bounce/share directly to Metapop or Soundcloud.


  • ozon
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    What would be the benefit of such a function?

  • IQMusic
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    Sure I will try to share an example. Short answer = The process of uploading can be streamlined more, from Maschine to Metapop.

    The benefit of such a function could streamline and optimise the organising and transferring of reference tracks to Metapop from Maschine. To stay with Maschine and not have to leave the program to then deal with queing uploads. I think it could enhance that aspect of what they have to offer in terms of uploading to Metapop N.I. owned.

    I like how the Metapop (re-)upload feature optimises reuploading updated tracks, the (re-)upload feature helps by bypassing the repeated tasks such as repeat filling out the form consisting of clicks, typing and navigation. (Re-)upload is ideal as it skips the repeat process and that leaves more focus for music making and referencing.

    Direct upload/transfer is a great feature. Logic Pro and GarageBand both already can share to Soundcloud!

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    Ok, thanks for the explanation.

    It's something I had never thought of, because I like to export a mix as audio file, run it through a chain of mastering tools and then check the whole track on a common player just to be sure there are no technical glitches (like missing tracks, wrong export region etc). Depending on how confident I am with the mix, I run it through a couple of different sound systems, just to check what the audience might hear. This might lead to another mix/export/master/check iteration.

    When I have a track ready to upload, I like to optimize the description and tags for the publishing platform, usually having prepared them in a text file, and add a visual. This is naturally depending on the target platform.

    If all that can be done from within Maschine, that surely would be a time saver for those confident enough in their mixes directly in Maschine.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Didn't know you're a Metapop mainstay @IQMusic. Our Metapop team would totally love this feature request.

  • Uwe303
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    I use WaveLab 10 elements to master my tracks, it has an export feature for several streaming services, so I would love to have a function where I can open up waves files with an external editor, then overwrite it and maschine then loads the new file, from sampler, audio track and after export a wave opening up a audio editor would be useful too. But your idea is also great.


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