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Hey there native instruments,

You have updated the X1. Are there plans to update the z2? It's a beast of a mixer for a fantastic price. Mine has been through hell and back and is still kicking minus some minor stuff. I wanna know if you are developing a new version of the z2 or even a 4 channel version of the standalone mixer rather than a complete controller.




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    This is purely a user forum here. No one from NI will ever take a direct position on such questions or topics. Before the mass layoffs back in the days, there were "rumors" about a possible successor to the Z2. but nothing has been heard since. As things stand now, I don't assume that we'll ever get a mixer in this segment from NI again and that's why I've looked for other alternatives.

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    NI unlocked DVS to any interface/mixer for the same reason we are not seeing the new mixer from Traktor.

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