Numark 4Trak Traktor 2 software/ Broke my software disc and need to upload software again

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Hi to all,

Does anyone know where I can download the Traktor 2 original software that came with Numark 4Trak? This seems to be impossible to find something so easy that should be available. I tried Native Access and was unsuccessful. NI please step up your game with support and all the different searches I had to go through to get here.



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    I also have a Traktor 2 software (though i don't use it anymore) who came with my old Numark Mixtrack Pro.

    It is over 10 years old but it still appears just fine in Native Access!

    Try to add its serial number manually.

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    Thanks for the support SUNBORN but I can't take that route because according to a thread I read Traktor Service Center is no longer available. I tried to get there from my Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.7 laptop and keep getting Server communication error: connection refused which is not true. I see my connection when I open a new tab and go to a website to verify my internet connection.

    The reason for me going through the service center from my Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.7 is that when I go to the new Native Access the option to download from there is not available for a legacy product which would be my Traktor Pro 2 which came with my Numark 4Trak.

    Now on my desktop, I have the Traktor Numark 4Trak 2.11.3 which works fine and when I go to Native Access it shows as an installed product.

    Service Center, Native Access and all this running around Native Instruments has you going through is causing extreme frustration. How can they not have this together already.

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    At Lord Carlos

    I tried the link you provided navigated to Traktor 2 which seems to have all the latest updated version updates. Traktor 2.11.0 Windows 7-10 (32-bit). I don't need an update I was looking for the original first version of Traktor 2 because the laptop is old and won't allow the update. I am fine with not having an update. So my problem is now how do I get the original version of the software?

    I have also tried this option: "How can I downgrade my Traktor" which isn't an option since I don't have the software on the laptop. I had uninstalled it at one point recently and when I went to use my disc to install it was broken that is why I am here trying to figure out an alternative way to install whatever was the first version of the software Traktor 2/ which came with Numark 4Trak.

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    • With help from I friend I was able to go to my C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > Traktor 2 and open my backup folder and use the software again. I had no idea it was still there so all good thanks for all thee help. Anyone ever needs to get there see link below. Although I didn't have to downgrade my original Traktor 2.1.2 it was there and that is the version my laptop can handle.

    This is what happens when you have 2 different Traktor Softwares (Scratch Pro/Traktor 2) and they are on 2 laptops, desktop and with all the different version updates for both and the specs required to have on multiple computers. Chaos Technology for you.

    Anyone asking one laptop is for playing out , other laptop is a backup, desktop is for organizing my music, downloading, cue points, etc

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