update issue ver 3.11.1

Hi All,

Rig: S2Mk2 - Lenovo IdeaPad -Win10

I installed the update which did correct the microphone issue... however I am missing music files ...

I used the recommended upgrade selections, and it seemed ok.....

However, I am now missing music...

when i open ver: the file counts are

ver 3.11.1 / ver

total files 22792 22856

I noticed this descrepancy because i was looking for a particular song that I had

just used the prior week... the file is on the hard drive... and ver: sees it.

however ver: 3.11.1 does not......

ALSO ...

I strictly spin smooth jazz.... and manually calculate BPM's ... the database has the

correct BPM.... however when the track is loaded into a deck... any BPM lower than 40

is not displayed..... can you allow the deck to reflect the BPM as stored in the track file.?

I have attached screenshots.

... Donald

ver 3.11.1


BPM in deck display


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